“Let’s Talk”

“Let’s Talk”

United Way of Adams County has announced the launch of their “Let’s Talk” initiative to support early childhood efforts in Adams County. Research indicates that children of a higher socioeconomic status hear 30 million more words than children living in poverty by the time that they are three years of age. Follow-up studies showed that these differences in language and interaction experiences have lasting effects on a child’s performance later in life. In order to affect this, United Way of Adams County has launched “Let’s Talk.”

letstalkLarge-(2)The first phase of “Let’s Talk” involves the Labor and Delivery Department of Adams Memorial Hospital. Staff nurses have agreed to share a key message with new mothers about the positive impact that talking to a young child can have on the child’s capacity to learn.

The message is delivered with a gift that includes a resource guide for parents, a board book, suggestions for when to talk to a baby and what to talk about, an infant wash cloth, a bath toy (to gauge bath water temperature) and a registration form that will allow new mothers to receive weekly texts with a simple message on how to build language into daily routines.

New parents may also sign up to receive a second gift from United Way of Adams County in the mail when their child is 3 months old. The gift will include another board book, a bib, information on local parenting resources, a list of books to read with young children and a nursery rhyme guide.

Healthy Families distributes our “Let’s Talk” materials to their clients. We are very grateful to Adams Memorial Hospital and Healthy Families for their partnership in this effort.