Volunteer – Grant Funding Team

Be a part of our Volunteer Grant Funding (Allocations) Team!

Each year United Way of Adams County relies on Volunteer Grant Funding (Allocation) (VGFT) Team members to help make decisions about what community programs will be a good investment of United Way dollars. VGFT members increase program accountability to donors of United Way by requiring agencies to define how donor funds will be spent. In April, volunteers convene to discuss agency allocation requests and determine whether funds requested will be a good investment of United Way dollars. Your Grant Funding (Allocation) Panel will be chaired by a volunteer who will guide you through the process.

The 2018 VGFT of United Way of Adams County is currently being formed. This Committee plays a vital part in the fulfillment of United Way’s mission, as they make important decisions about how the United Way’s money is spent in our community. By participating on the committee, not only will you meet some wonderful volunteers, but you will also become deeply aware of the services provided by a few of our agencies.

Volunteering has never been easier. This year’s interviews will take place the week of April 16, 2018. If you are interested in volunteering, please call the United Way office at (260) 728-2056 no later than Friday, March 2.

To Volunteer for the 2018 VGFT, click here.

Volunteer Job Description

Duties Include

  • Engage in orientation and training.
  • Read application materials for your respective pool of applicants so as to learn about the agency, its clients, its mission and programs. Discover the impact the agency has on the client and community.
  • Attend and actively participate in agency interviews to gain perspective of agency volunteers and staff.
  • Keep in mind the needs of the community and the United Way of Adams County pillars when reviewing agency services and the program budget requests.
  • Screen out personal biases in order to make objective judgments based on meeting community needs.
  • Determine the benefits the program provides to address community issues.

Time Requirement
Approximately 8 hours including orientation, training, pre-meeting and agency interviews.

Volunteer Requirements
Volunteers should be willing to look at programs from a community perspective, to share their viewpoint with committee members, and be able to review agency applications and materials in a fair and unbiased manner. Volunteers should be committed to meeting community needs by effectively allocating funds to agencies.

Conflict of Interest
Persons associated with an agency receiving or seeking United Way funding that is assigned to their panel should immediately disclose this to staff or the panel chair. United Way will attempt to place volunteers on a committee with which they do not have a conflict of interest.

Volunteer Benefits
Volunteers will learn about human service programs, community needs and how United Way contributions are meeting these needs. Each volunteer will have the opportunity to meet, work with and get to know other concerned community leaders, volunteers and service providers. This process is designed to help volunteers gain experience in community and group decision-making processes.