Staff and Officers

Jessica Thieme, Executive Director

Jessica Thieme is the Executive Director of United Way of Adams County. Jessica is a native of Decatur and has spent most of her life in Adams County. Jessica has a passion for serving her home community and has served as a volunteer for many organizations throughout her life. With degrees in both Communication Management and Public Relations, Jessica’s educational background serves her well as she works to serve the needs of other in the United Way pillar areas of Health, Education and Wellness. Jessica has been involved in the United Way of Adams County for several years, formally serving as President of the Board. She is committed to helping create a better quality of life for those who reside in Adams County.


Renee Bollenbacher, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Renee Bollenbacher is the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at The United Way of Adams County.  Aside from working at The United Way, she is the wife to the most amazing man of 23 years, Rick Bollenbacher.  She is the mother of five outstanding kids and a grandmother to a wonderful boy.

Some of Renee’s favorite things to do is spend time with her family, gardening, cleaning, organizing, volunteering and long drives.

Renee loves working at The United Way of Adams County because it gives her an opportunity to help residents in Adams County.  She feels that this job is indeed what God has led her to do.

Another fun fact about Renee is that she ran a successful Daycare for 22 years and recently retired from that position. She started at The United Way in August of 2022. She is learning more and more each day and is very thankful that she gets to work alongside Jess and Kassidy. 

Renee states, “Jess and Kassidy have already taught me so many things in the few months I’ve worked here. I am going to continue to follow the path that God has led me to and I will plan to continue to do my best to help those in Adams County.”

Kassidy Johnson, Executive Assistant

Kassidy Johnson is the Assistant to the Executive Director at the United Way. She graduated from Adams Central in 2021 and she has been working at the United Way since August of 2021. Aside from working part-time at the United Way, she is also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree for Elementary Education at Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Some of Kassidy’s favorite things include running outside, going camping, hammocking, doing puzzles, drinking iced coffee, watching Disney movies and hanging out with friends.

She loves working at the United Way because she believes it plays a huge part on making a positive impact on the people living in Adams County. Not only this, but Kassidy is thankful for all of the new connections she has made with the partnering organizations that she will get to carry with her after she graduates college. Along with this, being the assistant to The Executive Director has improved her communication skills, helped her become more organized and most importantly, gave her a sense of importance & belonging. She is thankful for the opportunity to work alongside Jessica Theime and Reneé Bollenbacher. 

2023 Officers

President: Jeff Sheets
Vice President: Keith Muhlenkamp
Treasurer: Steve Amstutz
Secretary: Barb Engle