Preschool Partnership Initiative

Preschool Partnership Initiative

United Way of Adams County is firmly committed to education. We are currently investing much time, talent, and treasure in to the development of a county wide Early Literacy program in partnership with Adams Memorial Hospital. Our community conversations have included Healthy Families. We would love to collaborate with North Adams to develop additional opportunities for pre-K children. Supporting the United Way is an investment in your community. Your investment, multiplied by the investment of others has the power to bring about real changes in our community conditions. We are proud to partner with North Adams Community Schools and welcome the opportunity to further your preschool efforts. 

The purpose of North Adams Community Schools partnering with United Way is to create a foundation of communication and service for preschool programmatics in our community.  The goal was that North Adams Community Schools would lead this charge because we are veterans in this area and have the resources to help facilitate a consistent understanding of expectations so that all preschools in our area can serve our stakeholders with consistency and support.  Therefore, United Way partnered with North Adams Community Schools to provide reading materials and support to the preschool program.  This includes the following: providing a book to all students; providing food/snacks for parent visits/tours; and providing financial support for personnel for preschool.  These opportunities will allow for community partners to visit our program and allow our personnel to work with other area partners as they seek improvement within their program.

United Way of Adams County Educational Liaison:

My role specifically, will be to serve as the educational liaison for Adams County joint partnership in Education.  I will organize the criteria for preschool, including the pre/post-test analysis, development of pre-school academic experiences, communicate between agencies, and advance learning opportunities for the children of Adams County.

We have monthly meetings (second Tuesday of the month) at 12:30.  These meetings are held at the United Way office unless we go to visit a neighboring program.  The format of the meetings is a lunch and learn/make and take.  We will eat lunch together and discuss current trends, and then we will engage in an activity that can be shared back with staff. These meetings are for area preschool directors, but they are open to the public.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Olivia V. Valencic-Miller at